It has been some time since our last blog post – our apologies for the delay, but we wanted to take the time now to share some great news!

First though, I wanted to start off with a bit of a history lesson on Gmail Meter. The legacy Gmail Meter was originally built off of the Google Apps Script platform (our personal thoughts on it here). The Apps Script platform was intended as a scripting language, maintained by Google, that allowed for easy automation and integration between Google Apps. Google also supported their Script Gallery which served as an internal marketplace where users could find different Apps Scripts. Gmail Meter was one such script that was built to integrate with a Google Sheet for a variety of features, including support for send-as aliases.

Send-as aliases are alternative email addresses associated with a primary Google Apps or Gmail account. They can either be domain-level aliases or user-level aliases, and are controlled accordingly. User aliases can be found and managed by accessing the Accounts and Import tab within your Gmail Settings. Within this tab, there a section labeled Send mail as: which provides a comprehensive list of aliases associated with the account. Please note that while you are free to remove any user aliases, domain aliases do not have that option and can only be managed by Google Apps administrators.

In the original iteration of Gmail Meter, the end user was able to edit the associated Google Sheet file to set a series of custom parameters. One of these parameters was a list of send-as aliases to be accounted for in analysis. Once Google deprecated their Script Gallery, the legacy Gmail Meter was no longer able to easily extract data from a Google Sheet and lost support for both send-as aliases and custom date ranges. From that point onwards, our legacy Gmail Meter excluded any email received by an alias from analysis. And any emails sent by an alias were actually counted as emails received to the primary account.

We recently had a soft launch of our new Gmail Meter back in June. We’ve been quite quiet because this new version, while a definite improvement, is still very much an early release. We did so with the previous failure of our legacy report in mind. We knew we had to put out an early product, and that many aspects still needed to be polished.

In addition to spending the last couple of months focusing on optimizing and stabilizing our new platform, we’re happy to announce that we did also implement support for send-as aliases. While this is admittedly a long-overdue improvement, we are excited because this represents our first significant step in bringing you a better Gmail Meter.

As always, thanks for the read and please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or Twitter.

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