Thanks to all for your support of our new Gmail Meter since our relaunch a year ago. We have been closely listening to your feedback and are now excited to announce the next step in our email analytics tool – the premium version of Gmail Meter!

By building this new version of Gmail Meter, we plan to tackle a problem in the workplace that our users have been routinely notifying us of. Both managers and team members alike report that there is no simple way to monitor workload when that work exists primarily within Gmail or G Suite. While there are some options when a support ticketing solution or a CRM is used, many emails fall through the cracks when sent directly to an individual. Currently, there doesn’t exist a reliable way to keep track of even just the total number of emails sent to or from a team member’s actual email address.

This creates several problems on both the individual team member and the manager’s sides. The individual team member is not able to accurately report issues with overwork or explain when hours of their time are held up in their email inbox. Conversely, managers aren’t able to preemptively plan for email volume to mitigate the above problems nor are they able to ensure that key clients are responded to in a timely fashion.

Initial Features


With this in mind, we are focusing on two major features for the initial version of premium Gmail Meter.  We’ve listened and we know these first two features will help our users solve the above issues:

  • The ability to generate reports for their team members, which includes both receiving data for individual team members and data for an entire team. We are prioritizing this feature for release as it is mostly directly addresses the problems we see.
  • Designating a custom date range for report generation, allowing both end users and managers better track improvement or changes over time. While this provides an obvious value to managers, we aim for this feature to help individual users as well.


How to get access


We’ll continue to support our individual account-based Gmail Meter and it will remain free for all to use, but we’re also offering early access to the premium Gmail Meter to select loyal customers who can help with beta-testing the application.

To find out more about how your team can get early access to premium Gmail Meter, please email us via

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abraham herrera

November 10, 2017

quisiera comprar una licencia


October 17, 2017

Hi Is it possible to build up a report that shows the volume of my emails up to 2 years before ? At this stage I have it monthly , but cannot extract it from the past Thanks for your help best regards

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