Email Meter is an email analytics platform that tracks productivity. You can use it for a specific team, or even your entire company. This platform is especially powerful for customer facing positions. As a company, you always want to be as efficient as possible, and you want to show your clients that you’ll be there for them when they need it. In our “Response Time” tab, you have easy to see metrics which include average response times, a histogram of time to response, and more! Some numbers may be a little too high, and could be affecting your business, which is why using this tab is helpful in determining what you can improve.

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Response Times: great for analyzing client facing roles.

Competitive? Then our “Compare Metrics” is the perfect tab for you. Here, you can compare yourself to yourself at another point in time, a team to another team; whatever, and whoever you want to compare, it’s doable. This can be an incentive to be the best employee or the best team in terms of email productivity. This in turn leads to a more successful and efficient company.


Compare View: a nice way to compare different teams, people, and more!

Compare View: a nice way to compare different teams, people, and more!

Committing to something isn’t easy, especially if it’s a new product. For this reason, we are offering a FREE, 30 day trial of Email Meter Enterprise. No credit card required and best of all, no commitment. All we ask from you is your honest feedback. Don’t like something? Let us know. Loving a feature and would like us to expand on it? Great, we can get our developers working on it.

We have more metrics available on the platform, which you can try by clicking here if you are a G Suite administrator for your company, and if you’re not, no worries, just send this blog post to whoever is responsible.


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