How to Measure (and Improve) Email Response Times with Email Meter

The modern business is nothing without a viable web presence, a good customer relations policy and an online platform where the two can come together. A large part of consumer to business interaction takes place through private messaging systems like email… And if you are not answering your messages fast enough, then you are missing out on customers.

Analytical Data about Email Response Times Provided by Email Meter

Email Meter is a new tool you can use to measure your own firm’s ability to answer emails and settle problems. This measuring process can help you highlight areas where your team does well, while simultaneously identifying employees, teams or departments whose response times may be on the slower side of the scale. Using this process you are able to identify customers most likely to be kept waiting and treat them with high priority status to get their case dealt with quicker.

Email response time measurement is a great tool for productivity measurement. It allows you to easily identify which areas you are failing in and gives good indications as to why this might be.

Email Meter – The Features

Email Meter provides you with automated reports on your email usage, inclusive of statistics related to how you use your email. It provides a graphic interpretation of your overall email traffic, enabling you to review all the data at a glance. Email Meter will track your average response time, analyze your most important messages and break down all of that raw data into key metrics to help you improve your Email system.

You already streamlined your production process, your sales process and your human resources process — why not streamline your email process, too?

If you want to stay ahead of the digital world then this is the business trend you ought to be following right now. Email Meter helps you quantify employee performance in a way that provides a steady flow of feedback on consumer wants and needs.

How Email Meter Could Be Helping You

Email Meter can be used by:

  • Support teams who want to measure their workload, their response times, and to provide better service as a result.
  • Sales Managers who use Email Meter to measure the responsiveness and activity of their sales teams.
  • Companies of all types, that leverage Email Meter to measure employee productivity and produce elaborate reporting on their performance to determine staffing needs.

How To Get Email Meter Now, For Free

Perhaps the best part about Email Meter is that it is you can use it for free—forever!

If you have a Gmail or G Suite account, then you can get a free monthly report delivered to your inbox. If you need more, don’t worry — you can get Email Meter Premium, which will give you access to team reports across multiple accounts, data export, custom range reports and more.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Email Meter now and get started!

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