A frequently requested feature here at Email Meter was access to the raw data which we use to generate your reports, which are headers from each email with a range of information (full list below), so we have completely revamped our CSV exports to now include all your raw data!

Using our Raw Data Exports, you can now use your Email Meter data in data visualization services such as Tableau and Power BI, unlocking a whole world of possibilities for visualizing and understanding your data – you can even build your own metrics!

You can find full instructions for exporting your raw data CSV here.

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Headers Included

dateThe date in Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second format.
addressThe email address of the inbox where this email belongs. Useful for teams.
subjectThe email subject.
fromThe sender’s email address.
recipients_toThe recipients in the TO field.
recipients_ccThe recipients in the CC field.
recipients_bccThe recipients in the BCC field (this can only be yourself).
is_repliedTRUE or FALSE. TRUE if the email was replied to.
is_first_replyTRUE or FALSE. TRUE if it is the first message on a thread and it was replied to.
reply_timeThe time it took to reply to this email in seconds.
replied_byThe person that first replied to this message.
is_first_messageTRUE or FALSE. TRUE if it’s the first message in a thread.
gmail_thread_idThe Gmail Thread ID, useful to identify and group threads.
direct_messageTRUE or FALSE. TRUE if you’re in the TO field.

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