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Gain greater insight into your and your team's email habits.

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Invite Team Members

Create a team and compare email stats for any Team member

Create Custom Reports

Get email stats for any date range, and apply filters to see only what’s relevant

Go back 2 years

Pull up to 2 years of email activity and see past trends

Export to CSV

Analyze your data in any format you want with CSV exports

Create custom reports

Select any date range to get your stats

Look back at the last two years and choose a date range, no matter how short or long, so you can see long term trends or individual days

Create a team and compare statistics

Compare email stats for any Team member

See your Team’s stats side by side for a quick comparison or generate whole reports for any combination of team members

Advanced filters

Analyze the emails that match what you need

Include or exclude whole domains, specific addresses, intradomain emails, labels, Gmail tabs…

Export data

Download your report as Excel CSV spreadsheets

Compile your reports or run further analysis

It's time for you and your team to be more productive!

Easily compare response times, volumes, response rates, and SLAs between team members.

Go Premium!

What solution works for you


  • Monthly and weekly reports

  • Custom reports

  • Advanced filters

  • Access 2-year email history

  • Export data to CSV

  • Teams

  • Premium for Team Members


Premium just for you

  • Monthly and weekly reports

  • Custom reports

  • Advanced filters

  • Access 2-year email history

  • Export data to CSV

  • Teams

  • Premium for Team Members

$15 / month

Premium for Teams

  • Monthly and weekly reports

  • Custom reports

  • Advanced filters

  • Access 2-year email history

  • Export data to CSV

  • Teams

  • Premium for Team Members

From $30 / month


  • Company-specific metrics

  • Domain Level Monitoring

  • Centralized Dashboards

  • Custom Reporting

  • Role Based Permissions

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Integrations with Tableau, PowerBI, Data Studio and more

Do you need a custom solution for your Company?

Gain insight into your team’s email statistics with company-specific metrics and KPIs, in one centralized dashboard.


Any Questions?

Below is a list of the most common question we are asked

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Just hit “Sign Up” and sign in with your Google Account. Once you have created an account, you can upgrade to Premium for yourself or your team. Just enter payment information and you are all set! Sit back and watch your data load.


How does it work?

Email Meter only ever has access to the metadata found in your email headers – this is all we need to generate your reports. We access this information through Google supported APIs and all authorization protocols are managed by Google.

In other words, we can never access the body or attachments of your emails. Learn more about Email Meter Security.

How do I add a team member?

Under Team Management, you can press “Add Members”. Simply add their emails to send them an invitation. Each team member added costs an additional $15/ month.

In order to start syncing their data, each team member must first accept the invitation sent to their email.

Why am I not seeing my recently added team members?

If you have recently added team member you need to wait until they accept the invitation in order to load their data. You cannot accept the invitation for them, but you can send them a friendly reminder email 🙂

In order to see the status of the invitations, you can check under “Manage Team” in the My Team section.

Is there a free trial?

Though we do not offer a free trial, we do have a basic version of the product where you can see the majority of the metrics we offer.

Premium is a month-to-month subscription and can be canceled at any time!

What is the difference between Email Meter Premium and Enterprise?

Premium is ideal for small teams who are looking to optimize their email habits. Premium offers key metrics and powerful advanced filters to get to the data that actually matters.

Enterprise is for larger teams that need more robust and company-wide metrics. Our team creates custom dashboards, tailor-made to display the exact KPIs your company needs to track.

Is my data secure?

Security is a top priority for us at Email Meter. We take a number of steps to ensure your data is always fully protected:

Firstly, your data is stored in a database unique to you. This means your data is not mingled with other customer’s data. Additionally, this database is stored in the Google Cloud (powered by Google BigQuery) and is ONLY connected with other Google Cloud services, such as the Gmail API. That means your data NEVER leaves the Google Cloud. All authorization protocols are managed by Google, and our own internal servers are on Google Cloud Engine. This means that you instantly benefit from all security Google has in place.

Secondly, our access to your data is limited via the Gmail metadata scope.

In Google’s own words, we are allowed to:

“Read resources metadata including labels, history records, and email message headers, but not the message body or attachments.”

This means that we have access to:

– All email headers, including sender, and recipients email addresses, subject, date and other meta information.

It also means we NEVER get access to:

– Any email contents, snippets or attachment contents.

You can get more information on Gmail scopes and permissions here: https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/auth/scopes

We may also ask for additional permissions (Directory API) to build our UI in a way as useful and friendly as possible (such as user lists in the user management section), but that data is not stored.

Our parent company, ShuttleCloud, manages Gmail and Google Contacts’ data importing service. This means that our security measures and practices have very strict standards. Read more here.

Want to learn more?

Our customer success team will be happy to help you with any questions.

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