When you use Email Meter, your email metadata is encrypted and never leaves the Google Cloud. We work closely with Google to ensure the highest level of security in our products, and we don't ask for access to the email body or attachments.

Email Meter is made by ShuttleCloud, a Gmail Partner since 2014, featured in Google Hall of Fame (Q2 2012)
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You're in full control

What email data can Email Meter access?

We never read, process or store the body of your emails because we don’t have access to them.

The only information that we analyze are the headers which contain data such as: from, to, subject and date. This is possible because we use the minimum necessary scopes that Gmail API has to offer: Gmail Metadata. Also, to be able to request that information we have to validate with the team at Google the integrity and security of our app, and we do this validation process frequently.

Is my data secure and encrypted?

Yes, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. It never leaves the Google Cloud

The process to ingest email data and turn it into a statistics happens entirely inside Google Cloud Platform, and almost every step of the process is serverless. That means you benefit from Google’s huge investment in security: they’re in charge of everything, including encryption.

As an additional security measure, we store each customer’s data in separate databases making maintenance, operation, and compliance easier and safer.

Can I stop Email Meter from accessing my data at any time?

Of course. We use OAuth scopes, fully supported by Google.

That means that you can check what data we do have access to, and revoke our access to that data. At any time. Simple! Read more about how here.

Are you GDPR compliant? 🇪🇺


We are fully compliant with GDPR. Among other rights, you can delete your data, request it, and request the list of subprocessors that have access to it.

Enterprise Grade Features

Granular control of access, permissions and data visibility

Some of our solutions are used by entire companies and teams. We’ve worked closely with them to make sure they’re in control, establishing further measures and including all the above.

Your company is in control

Email Meter can be revoked at any time by a G Suite admin.

Secure data visualization

Get the data in the format and tool of your choice

Select who have access to data

Create roles and permissions for your teams and users

Want to learn more?

Our customer success team will be happy to help you with any questions.

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