Email Meter Safety & Security

Data security is at the core of our principles. Email Meter has limited access to your data, and complies with strict regulations to ensure it remains safe and is exclusively used with the purpose of providing stats for you.

For your eyes only

We never read, process or store the body of your emails

The only information that we analyze are the headers which contain data such as: from, to and date.

Your emails are yours

The content of your emails is never accessed by Email Meter

We only keep track of your email headers. This means Email Meter only processes and analyzes your metadata, i.e. we get your email stats from the headers and not the bodies of your emails.

Your data never leaves the Google Cloud

Hosted in the Google Cloud Platform

Our platform is hosted by the Google Cloud Platform. That means that your data is always protected with the best industry standards and never leaves the Google Cloud.

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